Tips for Writing a 500 Word Essay

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A lot of people find writing a struggle. And while good management requires excellent communication, a large number of people feel daunted at the prospect of writing even a straightforward business memo. Added to this, a lot of managers, company owners and “thought experts” are now required to tweet and blog. A lot of them put these tasks at the bottom of their “to do” lists. High on the list of complaints from business leaders is that they have not enough time, or indeed the inclination, to write blogs about their activities. A large number say they find writing difficult and they cannot get motivated to start. The same thing applies to students when they are asked to write a 500 word essay or other assignments.  

However, you need not struggle needlessly. You know how to write. You were taught these skills in high school and college. In fact, an essay of the 500 word variety is the perfect mechanism if you need a tool to help you organize your ideas and thoughts and present them to your readers. However, what is this tool and just how long is a 500 word essay?

In truth, most teachers did not worry too much about the 500 word element. Clarity of thinking and a robust argument was what they were looking for and that is why they wanted you to learn how to write a 500 word essay. The purpose of an expository essay is to describe, explain and inform. In addition, if you think about it, this is what you want to do now when you write a blog or market your products. A high school student might have felt daunted at the prospect of writing 500 words, but in reality it is a small undertaking and very useful for presenting an argument or good idea. There is a simple format for this type of assignment. There are three steps to the process:

  1. An introductory paragraph with a thesis statement. You do not have to limit your introduction to just one paragraph. Some people use two or more.
  2. A few body paragraphs that provide key information in a clear manner. It is easier to convey ideas with the use of strong evidence, sound examples and vivid imagery.  
  3. A short concluding paragraph of around 50 words. You should use this to reiterate and sum up your idea or argument.

There is one other thing that many people tend not to remember from their school days. The point is not just about sitting down and churning out 500 words of text. The real point is that, to communicate effectively, you should put structure to your arguments and ideas and test these before you begin the writing process. All of this involves making notes, setting out your ideas on paper and, perhaps, referring to a previously written 500 word essay example for guidance. This aspect is the one that is very difficult to teach, particularly to grown-ups. Of course, you know and understand your own business. However, thinking about it and communicating your ideas is a lot harder than most people think. 

In order to write successfully, you first need to devote some time to thinking your ideas through, collecting information and considering the reaction of your readers. By doing this, you should find that the 500 words essay format is an easy and effective way to write. Indeed, you may find that 500 words is too restrictive. 

Once you have mastered the art of writing 500 word essays, you should find you can veer away from the basic format. You should find it easy to organize and present your ideas clearly, which gives you scope to write in your own style. Essentially, the task will no longer scare you! 

Indeed, this article is not unlike a 500 word essay. Therefore, now you know the format, you are ready to write 500 words about yourself, your business or on whatever topic you like.

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