Peculiarities of Research Essay Writing

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Many students hate to write a research essay due to its complexity. However, this writing task is seen in all subjects regardless of learners’ major. Instructors assign this type of essays in the end of semester, when they want to see how students can apply their knowledge gained during the course of studying. If you are about to write a research paper, please follow our simple steps that will help you properly organize ideas into paper.

All students want to learn how to write good papers and do not know how to find interesting research essay topics. Writing of research paper should be based on strong writing skills, critical and analytical abilities, as well as great dedication. Even if you are a knowledgeable student and know much about the given topic, it does not guarantee success and the highest grade, which depends on numerous factors. The learner should be able to meet specific professor’s requirements and clearly present ideas on paper, which is indeed challenging. Please, check some rules while approaching research paper writing.

  1. Pay attention to the time management. It is the primary rule in writing. If you do not know how to arrange your daily routine and find some time for writing, you are bound to postpone the assignment till the last hours. Writing in a rush never brings fruitful results. At the same time, you should understand the scope of writing in order to predict the time frame needed for the task completion. It does make a difference if you have to produce a small essay or work on a multi-page research essay. Check carefully all requirements and decide how many parts the paper will have. Afterwards, think about specific time frames needed for writing each part. Please, mind that professors do not like late submission, so be sure you manage your time while writing.
  2. Focus on the topic that makes special interest to you. If your professor did not assign any specific topic and you do not know how to write a research essay, the first step will be the selection of a suitable topic. Check your course materials to find out possible areas of research. The topic should be deep enough to find many supporting research ideas. Do not choose a very complex topic, especially if you know little about it. This will require extensive reading and gathering much research information.
  3. Do the research. All research essays are based on the outside materials and little attention is given to writer’s personal opinion. Therefore, spend a significant amount of time on gathering relevant sources and extracting appropriate research ideas for your paper. Check what has been done before and what modern researchers think about the topic. Find some controversies and inconsistencies. Outline the most outstanding ideas. At the same, make sure you also contribute to the research of the problem by offering your own hypotheses.
  4. Work on the research essay outline. It is a sketch of your future paper and means much in research writing. Then transform your outline in the first draft. Produce a research question you want to explore. Support all your claims with research ideas gathered before. Make sure that your paper corresponds to a specific professor’s structure (if applicable). Do not forget to edit your paper before submission. Proper editing will help identify if you followed all instructions and if your essay is free of grammar and spelling mistakes.

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