Process Essay Writing Outline

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This essay type is meant to describe a specific process via a series of steps. You need to provide an insightful analysis of the whole process. First of all, try to find an informative title for your process essay. You need to state what process will be described in your essay. Try to highlight the most significant steps of the process under analysis. Your main goal is to write a detailed essay about one process. It should answer all the questions regarding the process. After reading your process essay, the reader should feel like he knows everything about the matter. A good essay would include basic background information about the process.

The Outline

The rubric is meant to help everyone succeed in process essay writing. Therefore, it contains main facts and data about the easiest way to create an excellent essay. Of course you will never write a great essay at once. It is vital to practice all the time if you want to master this type of essay.

Essay Writing

Process essay writing requires many efforts. First of all, you will have to pick from hundreds of process essay topics. Choose the one that was discussed least of all. You will have an advantage to highlight some new facts about it. You will have to provide a profound explanation why this very process is significant. Then you need to disclose its possible effects on people and objects. Support you words with examples to make sure that the reader understands what the process is about. You need to make a plan prior to writing the essay. Write down a logical sequence of steps within this very process. Now you will be able to discuss each step much faster. At this point you need to be well aware how to write a process essay.

Essay Structure

Here is a typical how to essay structure. As you can see, it is the same as for any other essay.


You need to highlight the main goal of the process. Then provide basic background data. Do not forget to mention real-life application of the process. The reader will have an opportunity to determine process’s applicability. The introduction should end up with a thesis statement that supports your process analysis essay topic.


The number of body paragraphs depends on the number of stages you want to discuss. The body contains information on the possible ways of carrying out the procedure. You need to present every stage in a logical order. Discuss one stage per paragraph only. You also have to discuss the main difficulties of every stage.


The conclusion is supposed to reveal the result of the process. It should also restate your thesis.

Essay Format

There is no typical essay format used for this type of essay. You may choose the one that you feel most common with. You may format your process essay in APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, AMA, etc. Everything depends on the instructions and the subject area. You need to be consistent with using one style. Avoid mixing several formatting styles. The elements that are formatted include headings, essay title, text pages, paragraphs, fonts, spacing, page setup, footnotes and endnotes, in-text citations, reference list. These are the most significant ones. Use process essay examples as a visual aid in the process of writing.

Essay Topics

There are thousands of perfect topics for a process essay. As it was stated in the process essay definition, this assignment is supposed to discuss a process vial a series of stages. A key to success is a deep understanding of the topic. If you have any doubts whether the topic is relevant, please feel free to contact our company and we will provide any assistance you need.