Tips for Writing Admission Essays

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A college admission essay is a means of learning more about why you are applying for a particular course, for a place at university or for a position at a company. It is also an exploration of how you can contribute to an institution or organization and how you will benefit from it. The answers you provide are a means of stating your position in a more detailed way than is possible in other parts of the application process and they allow the recipient to get a clearer view of your character and how you are different from other candidates.

In a small number of cases, a college admissions essay is the factor that determines whether a candidate is selected or not. The essence of an admission essay is to demonstrate the applicant’s true character to the admissions panel or committee. It additionally shows whether the applicant can organize their ideas or thoughts clearly and translate these effectively onto paper. 

Sample Topics for Your Admission Essays

There are countless topics that you could possibly be asked to base your admission essay on. The following list describes a few of the more popular ones:

  1. Tell us about a time you were given considerable responsibility and what or how you learned from that experience.
  2. Describe the accomplishments, activities and/or events that have most influenced your development as a person.
  3. What has motivated you to apply for this course or job? Describe a situation where you successfully dealt with a challenge. Did this experience reveal anything to you about yourself? Talk about any challenges you think you might face at college. Looking back to previous experiences, how might you deal with the challenges you anticipate.
  4. When it comes to working with others, what are your strong and weak points?
  5. Take one single experience that has had a significant influence on your academic objectives. This might be a course you took at high school, a hobby, a friendship or a job. Use your admissions essay to describe how this experience or event caused you to set your current goals and how you believe this particular course or job can help you meet these goals.
  6. What high school subject or activity did you consider the most important and why?
  7. What about role models? Who would you choose to meet, past or present, if you had the opportunity and why this person?
  8. Why have you chosen this particular college or university to study at?
  9. Describe a past event or experience has impacted you significantly?
  10. Think of something significant about yourself or some activity that is important to you. Use this experience as the basis for your college admission essay.
  11. If they could, how do you think some innate object like your car or room would describe your character?
  12. Think about the next ten years or even the next century and predict some of the most important things you think will happen in that time.