Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How can I be sure that I will get a quality paper and do you guarantee any grades?  

     A: Although we can never promise any grades for obvious reasons, we do guarantee the highest quality of writing. To fuel your confidence, please, be informed that all our writers are Master’s and PhD holders in different subject areas. As the result, we are proud of  …..  successful years on the market and tons of satisfied customers. You can also check our Samples page for some sample papers to make sure our writing quality totally meets your expectations.  

  • Q: Is your service confidential?  

    A: Our online service is 100% private, and none of your personal data is recorded by our company. No one will know that you used our services, as we do not disclose any information related to your personality to a third party.  

  • Q: What is your company responsible for?  

    A: Right after the customer places the order, we start to search for the best writer and provide 24/7 support. Our agents will provide updates at every step of the ordering process together with the editing and plagiarism check. We guarantee on-time delivery for every order that we provide.  

  • Q: How do  I know if the writer is working on my assignment or not?  

    A: You can check manually your order status from your account. Once the payment went through successfully, the order status was changed to "new." Once the writer is assigned, the order status is visible as "Processing." Once the paper is uploaded to the system, its status is "sent." The other way to be immediately informed regarding your order status is ordering our VIP service as SMS notification of the order status. It means you get a text message each time the order status has been changed.  

  • Q: I don't want to indicate my personal phone number. Why do I have to do that?   

    A: It is not obligatory to share your personal number with us. However, it will improve the writing process and increase an effectiveness of communication in cases when urgent clarifications are needed.  

  • Q: Do I need to pay for the preferred Writer if I choose the supreme level of writing for my order?  

    A: The supreme level of writing guarantees that your order will be urgently assigned to one of our advanced top 30 writers who are the experts in your subject area. In addition, you will get the detailed plagiarism report for your order. In case you have the specific preferred Writer that has already completed the orders for you and satisfies your needs, you can place you next order with the preferred service and choose the premium writing service. The Writing Department will make sure to assign your order to the preferred Writer urgently and you will get the detailed plagiarism report from us.   

  • Q: I have issues with paying for the order. What should I do?  

    A: We do not work with the payment directly, Thus, in case you experience any payment issues, we suggest you to try another credit/debit card or another payment method system. Also, you may try to pay for the order via a different browser or device. Feel free to check more details with our Customer Support Team anytime.  

  • Q: When do I receive my order?   

    A: The order is delivered according to the indicated deadline. Please, note that the countdown begins when order is placed and verified. When choosing urgency, consider that the paper will be sent precisely to the selected deadline (i.e. if the deadline of order is 2 days, it will be sent literally in 48 hours after its verification)  

  • Q: How long does it take to assign a writer?  

    A: We do our best to find the writer in the shortest time possible. It might take from a few minutes to a few hours. At times, it can take longer than usual depending on the writers' availability, complexity of the order, selected urgency, etc.  

  • Q: How can I change my password/phone number/email?  

    A: You can change your information in the tab Profile.  Please login to your account then go to Profile and select Edit Profile. And to save updates please click on Save changes.  

  • Q: How can I know when the writer is assigned?  

    A: When the order is assigned to the writer his/her ID will be visible in your order details (line Writer).  

  • Q:Cannot submit the order form. The page does not update.  

    A: Please make suremail or via Live Chat Support.