How to Write About Yourself in a Personal Essay

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Probably you wonder what a personal essay means. It is a form of academic writing that strives to make students explore their personalities and discuss them on paper. In personal narratives, the writer should begin the discussion with some background details, i. e. the previous experiences and similar life details. Usually, there are not very strict requirements for personal papers and it is up to the student which information to include. However, please mind that including too many details is never appreciated since the reader will forget about the key details while reading the last paragraph. Your goal is not to squeeze your life in one paper, but to reflect the most vivid details about your personality.

If you are not sure how to approach this writing task, you can always find some personal essay examples on the web and compare with what you have already written or what you know about this task. In your paper, you must remain objective and be honest because no one likes to read about exaggeration and come across distorted information.

What It Takes to Write a Personal Narrative

There are different personal essay topics and templates. However, usually personal narratives are written during the admission procedure. It implies that students’ intentions are to stand out from the rest of applicants and convince admission officers that they are the right candidates to join the college. A common personal paper should include the following details:

  1. Personal experiences that will introduce yourself to the readers and make them understand who you are.
  2. Special traits that make you different from other applicants. Present those qualities in a formal manner, without showing off.
  3. Reasons why you want major in this specific subject.
  4. Information about your current knowledge in the subject. You can mention some facts like participation in different programs or projects that enabled you gain some knowledge.
  5. Your career aspirations and some plans for the future.
  6. Qualities and skills that are expected in this area and your intentions for the self-development.

The Key Rules for Personal Narratives

  1. Be honest and do not make up any facts about your personality. If you do not know how to write a personal essay, remember that this piece of writing should reflect who you really are.
  2. Spend some time on writing a good personal narrative. Writing in a rush should not take place since much depends upon personal essays.
  3. If college/university website has posted certain requirements for a personal essay, be sure you adhere to every single point from the list.
  4. Be organized and brief in your claims. Unnecessary details will make the reading boring.
  5. Be sure that your essay is indeed focused on yourself and discusses your personality.
  6. Always discuss one specific event/quality the most. It will make your essay memorable.
  7. Even if you mention some sad details, you should remain positive in the end.

Additional Requirements

  1. Do not exceed specific word count limits. If you have to write an 800-word essay, a couple of excessive words will lead to a failure. If you cannot follow this basic requirement, admission officers will think that you are not able to write papers according to specific instructions.
  2. Do not include generalizations in your essay referring to the experience of other people. Personal essays should be based on your own experiences.
  3. Do not repeat information that you included in other papers since all essays are scanned for plagiarism.

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