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Writing a persuasive essay can be easy and even rewarding, if you know how to persuade your audience that your opinion and argument is the most relevant and valid. Look at any persuasive essay example, and you will see that other writers like you go to unbelievable lengths just to capture their readers' hearts and minds. However, do not forget that a good persuasive essay should also be properly structured and formatted. So, before you choose any of the persuasive essay topics that are available to you, make sure you conduct a deep study of every topic, choose the most interesting and relevant one, develop logical arguments to substantiate your position, use evidence to inform your choices, fill your paper with facts, and use plausible arguments to avoid misunderstandings. You may want to develop an outline for your essay, so that you know that everything has been included. However, to create a good outline, you should also know what the current research says about your topic and how you will go about incorporating the evidence you find into your persuasive academic work.

So, speaking about your persuasive essay, begin with an introduction. Provide some background for your topic and end the introductory paragraph with a strong thesis statement. The purpose of your introduction is to capture your readers' attention and persuade them that your paper is worth being read. You must be explicit in your expressions, so that the reader is not confused about what you want to convey in your persuasive essay. Whatever persuasive essay topics you choose, develop coherent body paragraphs. They should expand upon your arguments and provide sufficient evidence to inform your reader. Include a topic sentence, an explanation of evidence, and a transition sentence. Once you are done with writing body paragraphs, you can switch to developing your conclusion.

All persuasive essays must have a conclusion. You will need it to evaluate everything you have said in your body paragraphs. Do not include any new information here. Do not forget to restate the thesis. You can also add some implications of your argument for future research. Among others, you can choose the following topics for your persuasive essay: abortion, environmental pollution, criminal punishment, prison overcrowding, and drug trafficking.

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