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Virtually every academic institution asks candidates to submit a college application essay as part of the admissions process, as well as evidence of their educational record and other credentials. This essay is critical in terms of whether an applicant is accepted or not. Every essay is carefully scrutinized by an admissions panel before they decide whether the candidate is accepted or rejected. Therefore, the task of writing this type of essay is very important, but it is not necessarily easy. 

Factors to Think About when Writing Application Essays:

The following are some factors to bear in mind when writing a common application essay:

  • The subject or discipline you are applying for: Your essay must be relevant to the field of study the application relates to.  
  • The college or university you are applying to: Gather up as much background information as you can about the institute in question. For example, when was the college founded, who founded it, what is its mission, and so on? Then, tailor your college application essays to the college’s goals.  
  • What is it in life that inspires you? Most people draw inspiration from some source or other. Bear this in mind and tell your readers about it if it or any of it seems appropriate.
  • Your career plans for the future: Describe any career plans you have and link these to the subject or discipline you have chosen. Show how your chosen subjects will be beneficial in fulfilling your long-term plans.

Helpful Tips for Writing an Application Essay:

Here are some tips to help you write an effective application essay. Keep these in mind when you sit down to write:

  • Start by creating a rough first draft. This should include every point you want to make. Arrange these points sequentially and according to their priority. A mind map is also another useful tool if you like using these.
  • Irrespective of what college application essay topics you have chosen, you should commence your essay using language that is simple and straightforward. Do not use high-level language unless you know what it means. It is important you convey the information you want in a correct and accurate manner.
  • While your entire essay needs to be eye-catching, you should focus intently on the introductory paragraph. You could hold a brainstorming session to help you write an interesting introduction that engages and appeals to your readers.
  • The body of your college application essay should be divided into short, clear paragraphs that are easy to understand. You should avoid repetition unless, of course, you want to emphasize certain points.
  • Bring your essay to a smooth conclusion so that the readers are left with a lasting and favorable impression.

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