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A comparison and contrast essay is that, which compares and contrasts people, objects, experiences, things, events, etc. The goal of a comparison essay is to identify and analyze the key similarities and differences between the two things or people you are describing. One of the main things you should remember is that you begin with less important things and gradually move to the most important ones. In your conclusion, you finally reveal the most significant viewpoint. Writing a good comparison and contrast essay can be an easy task, but only if you follow the rules of organization and formatting. You must follow some outline or plan for your paper. Also, do not forget that your comparison paper must have a strong debatable thesis statement. This statement should include the key points about the two things or people you are going to describe. Also, do not talk about any similarities or differences, unless you have evidence to support your claims. You do not have the right to make assumptions. You must be determined to make grounded claims. In addition, any similarity or difference you mention in your paper must also be included in your thesis.  

As you are choosing the best comparison and contrast essay topics, do not forget about the importance of the outline. You will certainly have a rubric provided by your professor, so simply follow it. In your outline, specify the similarities and differences you are going to describe and analyze in your essay. Still, the secret of your comparison essay success is in practicing. The more you practice the better your chances are to earn the highest grade. Now turn to the structure of your comparison and contrast essay. The way you structure your paper depends almost fully on how you approach the task.

You can follow two different structures. First, if you are going to analyze many similarities and differences, start with an introduction but do not include any thesis statement. Present the key features of the first thing or person you are analyzing. Do not make any comparisons. Then, present the key features of the second thing or person and make comparisons. Finally, develop a conclusion where you summarize the key points of your comparison and contrast essay. Second, if you decide to discuss only some major similarities and differences, then you can begin with an introduction. Again, no thesis statement should be used. In your first paragraph, compare the similarities of the two people or objects. In the third paragraph, speak about differences. Include as many paragraphs as needed to highlight all similarities and differences. Devote one paragraph to a single similarity or difference. Finally, write a strong conclusion that summarizes your thoughts. Follow these recommendations, no matter the comparison essay topics you choose.

Look at any comparison essay example to see how a comparison and contrast essay is formatted. You can choose any citation and referencing style, from MLA to AMA. Everything depends on you and the requirements provided by your professor. Do not switch from one format to another, as you are writing your comparison and contrast essay. Make sure you also include a title page, an introduction and body paragraphs, spacing, margins, and other features of formatting and style. As for the topics, you can choose any, as long as it allows you to make comparisons. Focus on people, things, objects, or events. Just be thorough and considerate in your choices, because they will have a great influence on the final academic result. If you have any doubts about choosing the most appropriate topic for your comparison and contrast essay, ask our professionals to help, and they will gladly fulfill this task for you.

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