Tips on Writing an Essay Review

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Writing an essay review may be an interesting task, if you know how to do it. Otherwise, it may be the greatest challenge in your life. If to compare with other tasks, essay review is rather simple. The write needs to follow some primary rules in terms of structure and essay format. So where to start at? We will try to simplify essay writing techniques to help you better comprehend them.

Usually you have a personal opinion on everything that surrounds you. Reviewing something means sharing your views and feelings. Therefore, if you want to become a good reviewer, you need to become an excellent reader first. If you want to review a book, you need to read the information in it attentively. Sometimes making notes will help you highlight the most important data. If you have never undertaken such a task before, look for available book review samples.

We will provide the most crucial information for creating a perfect book review. Besides, it can be used when working on any review essay. Here are the elements we want you to pay extra attention to:

Basic Elements

First of all, you need to feel comfortable with the typical book review format. At first, you need to provide an introduction. The essentials of the book follow the introduction. Every book is unique; therefore, it contains some original information. This information is your primary goal. Readers are interested in new thoughts and approaches. As a reviewer, you need to highlight all of the essentials. This part is written in an unbiased manner. Your attitude to the information should not be specified in this part of the essay. The same rule applies to a movie review essay.

The Synopsis of the Review

Synopsis writing is the most challenging and paramount part of a review essay. It has to be very precise. You basically need to briefly write what the book is about. The synopsis is the personal perspective of the reviewer. Every reviewer has a specific style of synopsis writing. To make it more plain, a synopsis is the review that arises in one’s head when he is done with reading the book. It is a general picture of what you have read and you attitude to it. As you can see, there is nothing challenging is writing a decent synopsis.  But be careful with the selection of tone for your review. There should not be any obstacles for the reader to understand the synopsis. So try to make it simple. You may find and follow a review essay example if you are not sure how to write it.

Stating Your Opinion

The most crucial part is writing your personal opinion. You need to sound logical when sharing your point of view. There should be a solid reason why you find the book good or bad. Your review will either encourage or discourage others to read it. Keep these points in mind:

  • Do not confuse your readers with contradictory opinions
  • Read twice - review once (you should know the book well)

This is the easiest way to write a review essay. You can always add some other parts to your book review. But make sure that all of them are original.